Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello again.

Lots of time has passed. Quite a bit of it in fact. And many things have changed. For one, I started a new blog. Which I also subsequently neglected. I think part of that was not being able to reconcile myself with certain cheesiness involved, and also doing less of sitting inside on a computer in my free time.

This was correlated with me having less free time. I went back to Provo for a job interview that seemed promising, and I was told was promising, and ended up not being very promising. Having moved from Provo to Seattle to DC and then back to Provo, I gave up the moving for a little while. Got a job back at the pediatrics office I used to work at. Got a job at Sunflower. Got an Americorps position with a local nonprofit, which I love. You can read more about Community Health Connect here. It is a lot of work, but well worth it. I am the care coordinator in charge of the entire dental program. I spend about 80% of my day speaking in Spanish. Well, probably about 50-80%, depending on the day.

My term ends at the end of September. I am currently gathering my thoughts about my next step. It will probably involve entering doulahood and/or doing prerequisites for a graduate degree in midwifery.

I started selling at the Farmer's Market with the owner of Rowley Press. We started making money two weeks ago. We'd probably do it even if we didn't make money. Foundrygoods is our Etsy shop, but we are really, really bad at adding new items. It just takes a long time.

My goals for this month:
  • start posting on my photo blog again
  • be gutsy enough to send this blog public again
  • send two packages to people I love
Keep me honest.


    ashmae said...

    i'm glad you're back here!

    Suzie said...

    If I were to do it all again, I would strongly consider becoming a midwife. They are awesome and I am totally impressed with them.

    The Farmer's Market sounds fun! :) Living simply has a beautiful appeal to it.

    Krista Lou Cook said...

    Sounds like a crazy busy, yet fun and rewarding time!

    Merrial, Sage, and Gabe said...

    i love you!