Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings have recently become less restful and more productive. As I mentioned in my last post, the owner of Rowley Press and I have been selling together under the name The Foundry. He is selling paper wares of the letterpress and giclee persuasion (to this point exclusive to the Farmer's Market) and I have been selling earrings made of antique buttons, wood,and feathers (among other things). I have also been dabbling in the arts of solid perfume and reusable dryer bags... with mixed success.

We were making the dryer bags on my beautiful antique anker sewing machine out of vintage cotton fabric, but after some R&D conducted while actually usig such bags, we found that the reusability was, in fact, debatable. Namely, on the bag tested, there was approximately 5% of the filling left after one use. Sorry, people we sold to! Twas an honest mistake. It looks as though the problem is that the weave of the fabrics wasn't quite tight enough, but any insight on the matter would be welcome. For the time being, we have lots of deliciously scented deodorizer bags.

The solid perfumes are another interesting side project. I'll just say that so far I have a near perfect ability to predict who will and will not like my scents. You could probably do it with little training. Ask yourself if the person sniffing them appears to be a hippie. If yes, odds are in our favor. If no, they might like the floral scent but will likely be perplexed as to why anyone would ever want to smell like any of them. Ah, well. It's a work in progress. Come find us sometime! We are there most weeks.

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dana rose said...

I'm no hippie, but you know I would sit there and salivate over each and every one of those scents. and then probably buy four.