Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Common courtesy & an MPA

I was walking to work today listening to Arrah and the Ferns when my iPod-budded ears were invaded by the sirens of several emergency vehicles in succession. For each vehicle, most other vehicles on the road stopped, but almost none moved out of the way. I stood thinking about how this seemingly obvious road rule is now all but ignored and it reminded me of how our patients have all but no regard for scheduling. One walked in just yesterday having been scheduled for a weight check (a quick and easy in and out sort of visit that can be done by a nurse) and said that she had two other unscheduled children who also needed to be seen for various illnesses (not so quick or easy, and not something that can be done by a nurse). And then she was upset she had to wait a half an hour to be seen.

Anyway. In all of my workly bliss I have been leaning more towards applying for BYU's MPA program. I feel that that would be the best way for me to continue learning about the subjects I feel most passionately about and end up in a career that's interesting to me. *grits teeth*. It also means the GRE.