Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Debbie Meyer Green Bags: Product Review

The fiance and myself were given Green Bags at my bridal shower to go along with the go green theme, which I thought was pretty cool. I'm pretty skeptical about any product that needs to advertise itself on TV and boast a "as seen on TV" sticker on its box, but after a two week trial, I'm impressed. We bought some strawberries that were ready to eat which have consistently gone bad in a few days in the fridge, and they stayed good for a week and a half (after which we had consumed all of them, so no test specimens remained). We also used it for cut bell peppers, which didn't dry out or lose flavor despite the fact that the bags aren't sealed tightly, and onion, with which we had similar success.

In short, green bags are awesome:

- They reduce vegetable & plastic waste (see point #3)
- They save you money by letting you consume all the food you purchase or pick
- They are reusable
- They use science. Everyone loves science.

The idea behind the bags is that they are coated with crystals of something that absorbs the gas that fruit and veg put out when they ripen. I was skeptical, but now I believe.

A plus, Green Bags.

Here's some pictures I got off the official Green Bags site.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy shower toxins

I had an extremely bizarre experience in the shower this morning. It kinda freaked me out real fast, bad enough that I blocked it from my memory and am currently wondering if it was real. My roommate dyed her hair the night before, or at least that's what I gathered from the eavesdropping I did from bed (where I often imagine what it would be like to live with me right now, when I have a job where I have to be there at 8:30am and sometimes 7am until 5:30 or 6... after which I eat dinner with the fiance and hang out until he goes to work at 9. When I go to bed-ish. I see my roommates on average once a week at church. Meh). Anywhoozle, so I got up at the rearcrack of undawn this morning because it was my day to open and got into the shower. My thoughts went a bit like this:

"Ehhh. There's hair dye all up in this joint."
*Turns on shower, waiting for it to go through the routine of hot-cold-lukewarm.*
"It smells like hair dye."
*Showers in surpisingly consistent warm water. Ducks head to wash hair under spigot built for midgets.*
"It tastes like hair dye."
*Feels like hair dye is coming up from the depths of her being. Dry heaves. Almost passes out.*

It honestly felt like I had ingested an entire bottle of hair dye and I was starting to throw it up. So weird, especially because I don't ever vomit unless I have the stomach flu or food poisoning. So I thought maybe it was another of the awesome side effects of the medication I take for acne, which include such delights that I have experienced as ringing in the ears & nausea as well as those I have yet to experience and would argue are not really side effects like kidney failure and lupus. Yikers.

I brought it up to the "early nurse" I was working with opening this morning and she suggested that the heat of the shower may have mixed with the chemicals in the hair dye and the plastic shower curtain I have to make some crazy strong toxins.

Weird. One thing's sure... next time it happens, I'm calling in the authority from my childhood: