Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Debbie Meyer Green Bags: Product Review

The fiance and myself were given Green Bags at my bridal shower to go along with the go green theme, which I thought was pretty cool. I'm pretty skeptical about any product that needs to advertise itself on TV and boast a "as seen on TV" sticker on its box, but after a two week trial, I'm impressed. We bought some strawberries that were ready to eat which have consistently gone bad in a few days in the fridge, and they stayed good for a week and a half (after which we had consumed all of them, so no test specimens remained). We also used it for cut bell peppers, which didn't dry out or lose flavor despite the fact that the bags aren't sealed tightly, and onion, with which we had similar success.

In short, green bags are awesome:

- They reduce vegetable & plastic waste (see point #3)
- They save you money by letting you consume all the food you purchase or pick
- They are reusable
- They use science. Everyone loves science.

The idea behind the bags is that they are coated with crystals of something that absorbs the gas that fruit and veg put out when they ripen. I was skeptical, but now I believe.

A plus, Green Bags.

Here's some pictures I got off the official Green Bags site.


Stu Finnigan said...

So I guess we can conclude that just because marketing says it - it is not necessarily untrue! How refreshing.

Los Jones said...

i love it, magic crystals make them work. we have tupperware called "osofresh" and it keeps our food fresh longer than usual as well.

Trish the dish said...

Hmm, you've sold me I think!

dana rose said...

So THAT'S what those are for. (We had like, 20 of them in our apartment on the mish) And all this time, I thought they were just lousy green-colored back-ups when our zip-locks ran out! haha. Ahem.