Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Lion-fighter

One of my friends showed me this article and I thought it was worth sharing - nay, a crime not to share!

El-Essawy 2
Photo taken from article page.

Here's the premise, as in the article:
Given the current state of the economy, it comes as no surprise that many Egyptians are doing all that they can to revive international interest in their country. What is surprising, though, is that one man has somehow managed to convince himself - and a few others - that he can single-handedly “boost tourism in Egypt” by fighting a full-grown African lion in direct hand-to-paw combat, in front of the Pyramids at Giza.
Did you...? Yes. You read correctly. The article goes on to provide a thorough explanation of the lion-fighter's technique and philosophy. Here are some highlights:

I discovered my incredible strength at the age of 13, and, almost immediately afterwards, promised myself that, one of these days, I would fight a lion.
 Animal right concerns:
God made me, and he made the lion, and he put us both on the same planet, which means the lion is fair game. Ethically, there should be no problem.
It consists of a series of combination moves. I will start off with the slaps, but, you should know, my slaps are unlike any other.
I'd love to hear your thoughts. Will it revive the tourism industry? Is it different from bullfighting in Spain? Or cockfighting?

Read it here.

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