Thursday, May 27, 2010

In which I come out even.

Today was one of those days when you hit the pillow and think, at least it's over. I spent all day long applying to jobs which for some reason felt especially fruitless. The lawyer's assistant called about my lawsuit. From the car accident. Yes, the lawsuit that is still going on and will end up having lasted longer than G & I's entire relationship. Don't worry, she was just asking me to do something I did a month ago. For goodness sake, this is ridiculous. The whole lawsuit has been a joke, with the lawyer's office sitting around losing stuff for the most part. In addition to all of that, I applied to PATH again today. I would really, really like to work for them. I have been applying to jobs there for years. Literally. Not straight, but still. I got a rejection letter within the first 10 minutes of applying! Perhaps half hour. And yet.

I do not know what they want from me.

I was perfectly qualified for the position and I wrote a beautiful cover letter. Better yet, the position is still posted on idealist. I have half a mind to apply again. Ridiculous.

As I was sitting here in this very chair feeling quite miserable, I looked out the window and saw something that made it all ok:

A METEOR SHOWER!!! Just kidding. My favorite weather - sunny and raining. Such a beautiful paradox.

Then I went for a run. It was the type of humid I tell people to dread in the summers here - where you feel like you're walking through soup. I ran by visible wisps of vapor roughly my height. It hovered in the meadows. Things are all right. I know that when I'm settled and have a job, this period of time will seem so short and unimportant. But I don't have that distance yet. All I have is simple pleasures and wonderful friends.