Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Common courtesy & an MPA

I was walking to work today listening to Arrah and the Ferns when my iPod-budded ears were invaded by the sirens of several emergency vehicles in succession. For each vehicle, most other vehicles on the road stopped, but almost none moved out of the way. I stood thinking about how this seemingly obvious road rule is now all but ignored and it reminded me of how our patients have all but no regard for scheduling. One walked in just yesterday having been scheduled for a weight check (a quick and easy in and out sort of visit that can be done by a nurse) and said that she had two other unscheduled children who also needed to be seen for various illnesses (not so quick or easy, and not something that can be done by a nurse). And then she was upset she had to wait a half an hour to be seen.

Anyway. In all of my workly bliss I have been leaning more towards applying for BYU's MPA program. I feel that that would be the best way for me to continue learning about the subjects I feel most passionately about and end up in a career that's interesting to me. *grits teeth*. It also means the GRE.



Tamara said...

Hellooooo Charla! Firstly congrats again about marriage, and secondly the MPA is what I am going to do. I found out about it and thought to myself "why has no one told me about this before?" Let me know if you need a study buddy.

Clay Adair said...

Not taking into consideration all other factors, I say do it. You're definitely here for the next few years and at a school with a reasonably good program you can do for a screaming deal. And, I think you're the kind of person that will eventually spiral down toward insanity without the academic stimulation. AND, education is money in the bank - after tuition and loans and whatnot. Why not do it?

Stephen said...

Go for it! If you follow your heart and it is telling you that is where you should focus in order to be happy, then don't let anything stop you.

I (along with many others) adore you and want you to find satisfaction and fulfillment ... whatever that means to you!

Much love!

Janille said...

I have considered both the MPA and a JD and am heavily leaning toward the JD after much consultation (once my youngest is in Kindergarten however, as I have been advised by those who know). If you could do them dual, that would be the sweetest, if you have ever considered law.

But considering future career prospects, law degrees seem to be more powerful than MBA/MPA. Something to consider anyway - what are you wanting to do as a career?

I know a woman who got her nursing and certified Nurse/midwife (she was my midwife for about 5 years), practiced several years, then got her law degree - she now works with the Children's Justice Center mostly, but still has some gyno patients.

And one of my biggest pet peeves is people who don't move out of the way for emergency vehicles - but I work in emergency services so I am biased. :-)

Ashley mae said...

Charla, I think you should apply. Some people who have kids in my program were talking about how two parents being in school is ideal in a lot of ways for parents and for a marriage. I could definitely see that. And, the GRE wasn't so bad really. I decided at last minute to apply and so took it with a two weeks notice and procrastinated at that, but it was fine. do it!

Zain said...

'Tis the GRE but, lets face it, it's just one more standardized test in a lifetime of standardized tests. If it's something your passionate about, it'll be well worth the effort :-)

Con tanto affetto!

Suzie said...

Are you interested in research or policy or being a hospital admin? Definitely get a good idea of what you want to do-- if the MPH will get you there then go for it!

Also if you guys ever plan to move back into the DC area, there are tons of opportunities for MPHers.

Best of luck in whatever you decide :)

P.S. for GRE prep, the Princeton Review books are fantastic.

Sarah and David Myers said...
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Sarah Patricia Myers said...

First of all, Hi. I haven't talked to you in a long time and I just happened along your blog.

I have to say, I am biased because I LOVED my byu mpa experience. While the program does put an emphasis in local government management, I learned a lot of really valuable research, management, and leadership skills that I have utilized in jobs in non-profit management, program evaluation, and working for the state.

I would totally recommend doing an MPA, and the GRE isn't that bad :)

Cait said...

Do the MPP and be my friend. Thanks.