Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finals are over! Free at last!

Dear blog readers,

I know that you have been missing my quick wit, web-scavenging, and eloquent yet condensed commentary on life as we know it. Fear not! Winter break is here. And that means lots and lots of blogging, both here and over on my photo blog. Consider this your personal invitation to comment, refute, extol, whatever. Yes. Yours.

I'm flying home in a couple of hours so I need to get my life in line, but here's something many of you may or may not have come across. First of all, a blog. This blog is the only blog that can make me laugh out loud on a consistent basis. Nearly every blogpost is packed with squeak/snort/pantspee-ing humor. And they called it... Cake Wrecks.

I have to direct you to this particular post. Watch the film clip, and look carefully for the movement accompanying "and little arms." Repeat. Wear Depends.

And that, dear friends, loved ones, compatriots, patriots, anarchists, lovers, is all for today. But check back often for updates.



1 comment:

Jessica said...

I have cake wrecks on my reader. It is so funny. Sometime I just think about seeing on of the cakes in real life and I can't help but laugh. I cannot imagine seeing some of them and being expected to eat it, let alone buy one. I think the recent wedding cake ones were so bad. They looked nothing like the pictures.